5 Ways you'll Benefit from Call Recording

Posted by Kevin Levi on Apr 30, 2014 11:34:00 AM

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Ever wish you had recorded that conversation with that difficult client? Or listened in on that new business pitch? Did you know that all of the Fortune
1000 companies use a form of Call Recording?

Well, now it’s easier – and cheaper – than ever to get Call Recording and Call Monitoring with your VoIP system. And, with storage in the Cloud, you can access calls anytime, anywhere. 

5 Ways You’ll Benefit from Call Recording

Increase Customer Loyalty. Listen to calls to hear how your customers are being serviced.  Identify issues, and quickly address them.

Rescue Defecting Customers. When a customer no longer wants to do business with you, you can quickly listen to the call recording and understand what went wrong.  Calling them back and addressing their concerns can save them as a customer.  It’s cheaper to retain a customer than find a new one!

Identify Agent Performance Issues. Your call recording system can record a small sample of calls, or every call.  Listening to these calls helps identify improvement areas for your staff.  Appropriate training can boost customer service and satisfaction.

Uncover Customer Service Workflow Problems. The mechanics of the call itself shouldn’t cause problems, but if it does, you’ll know. If your agent has issues (retrieving data, for example), Call Recording (and the accompanying screen activity video) can tell you precisely what went wrong. You can then address any issues to eliminate future problems.

Verify Orders And Settle Disputes. We all know that sometimes customers give us permission to charge their credit card over the phone, only to call back and claim they never gave such authorization.  With recorded calls, you can replay the specific recording to prove what was (and was not) said during the interaction.  This ability can save you heartache, lawsuits and unnecessary customer distrust.

Get Business Calls On Your Mobile Device

The Bria Soft Phone App allows your Mobile Device, Tablet, PC or Mac to send and receive business calls, using your business phone number, anywhere in the world!
Your mobile device becomes your office extension, displaying your company caller ID on outbound calls
Make voice and video calls, and send messages from your “virtual office”
See other user’s presence status while at work, at home, or on the go
Enjoy features like extension to extension dialing
Improcom offers the industry’s most reliable and feature-rich communication applications for Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry. To learn more about SoftPhone technology, contact your Improcom Sales Representative.
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