Architecture Drives UC Costs - Right Architecture Saves You 30%

Posted by Kevin B. Levi on Mar 19, 2015 10:24:00 AM

Traditional unified communications (UC) architecture, including proprietary hardware and closed software designs, kills innovation.  Architecture defines how the elements of a UC solution come together, how well the solution can integrate with other systems, how quickly new functionality can be integrated, and how much the overall system will cost to buy and maintain. With the right architecture in place, organizations can accelerate new functionality and capabilities. Without it, the user experience is hampered, the cost of ownership increases, and innovation is compromised.

The best approach to UC is open standards based and open API driven. For example, built on the eZuce Origin™ Platform, eZuce runs traditional UC applications (like openUC, SeeVogh Video and Web collaboration and Reach Contact Center software), integrated 3rd party UC Services and integration for other Business Applications within the customer workflow.  API integration can also apply when “capping” the growth of an existing (costly) UC solution and growing rather through the eZuce platform.  In this case the API serve to create seamless dialing, message waiting across platforms and general connectivity so users are not disrupted but yet decision makers help stop the bleeding of funds that the traditional telephony can create.  eZuce partners with OrecX to integrate call recording software into critical services like the eZuce openUC Reach Contract center through mutual API development.  

This open approach provides 30% savings or more over traditional UC platforms, in some cases saving as much as 80% versus proprietary platforms.

To learn more about the eZuce Architecture and how we save 30% versus the competition visit our website or follow the link here to our Webinar Series and see what others say about our solution.  http://www.ezuce.com/resources/webinars

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