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Posted by Kevin B. Levi on Feb 19, 2015 7:13:00 AM

Organizations invest considerable resources into attracting and training a top-notch sales and marketing team. But is your team equipped with all the information they need to perform their jobs easily, quickly and, perhaps most important, successfully?

There are numerous ways that organizations can gather sales intelligence – from hiring posh consulting firms to conducting demographic studies, to purchasing massive enterprise systems to crunch reams and reams of data. Most large-scale sales intelligence solutions are designed for companies in the manufacturing, distribution and wholesale sectors, all highly competitive markets where volumes are high and margins are low. These solutions provide unique insight into customer buying patterns, helping organizations to identify and deliver up-sell, cross-sell and switch-sell opportunities. Lady face resized 600

For most organizations, access to this critical information is more attainable than ever, through call recording software. This sales intelligence solution can enable organizations to answer questions such as:

What special offers are my competitors making? Call recording software grants you access into the workings of your competitors. For example, sometimes when a customer or prospect calls into a call center, they’re unsure about whether or not they want to make a purchase and may reveal information about your competition, as in “Well, I get a free 30-day trial when I sign up with XYZ Corporation.” This competitive intelligence can provide your sales and marketing organization with insight to help re-align campaigns or promotions.  

Where do my customers live? A call recording system can help you gather key geographical information that can be vitally important to your sales force. Knowing which parts of the country or the world are most receptive to your products or services will help you better identify specific customer segments, leading to more successful lead generation and closed sales. You can also gain insight into which regions of your customer base have the most individuals who agree to a subscription upgrade or a cross-sell, which can help your sales staff spend their time on the most promising targets.

Are my claims misleading? From recorded calls, you can learn if your call center receives numerous cancellation calls for a specific product. The meaning? Perhaps your sales/marketing messaging around the product is misleading and must be revised. You can use this information to re-train your sales force or revamp your advertising campaign.


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