Call Recording to be as Ubiquitous as Email?

Posted by Kevin Levi on Nov 12, 2013 11:24:00 AM

Almost one in every three people in the world uses email, and there are over 6.8 billion mobile subscribers globally.  This same ubiquity should hold true for call recording.  The ability to record calls enables you to document and store important business discussions, treasured personal conversations and more.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to go back and pull up that call you had with that client a few weeks ago who mentioned that great new product idea?  Or how about that call you had with your 1 year old last month in which he spoke for the first time? What about that last call you had with your loved one that recently passed on?

Having these conversations recorded and stored for easy access would add significant value to our lives.  Wouldn't it?

I think we take for granted just how big a part of our life the telephone still is.  Sure we are all texting, emailing and chatting more and more, but I'll bet you placed or received at least one phone call in the last 24 hours.  Am I right?

Why shouldn't we all (whether big business, entrepreneur or everyday individual) have access to call recording that is either free or extremely inexpensive so we can leverage its value to our business and/or personal lives?  The cell phone is a seminal component to our every day lives now and we do not have a foundational capability that we should have with it - recording our calls.

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While I am primarily referencing cell phone recording, this same premise applies to landline phones too.  Most of us still use them at home and especially at work.

In order for the pervasiveness of call recording to explode, several things have to happen:

1. People need to embrace the concept of recording business and personal calls.

2. Mobile apps for cell phones need to emerge.

3. The cost of call recording software needs to come down dramatically from most vendors (OrecX is already extremely affordable!).

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