10 Advantages of Cloud Recording

Posted by Kevin Levi on Sep 28, 2021 12:03:14 PM

You have two primary options for recording your customer conversations today - premise and cloud. Premise recording stores your recordings in-house on physical servers at your locations. Cloud recording stores your calls on the web on secure servers hosted by cloud providers.Untitled Design (48)

There are advantages to both, but we are going to focus on the many benefits of cloud recording.

  1. Recordings accessible from anywhere - Unlike the physical restrictions of premise recording, with cloud recording you can make your recordings accessible to authorized users from anywhere with a web browser - and include any necessary security protections.
  2. No capital expenditure on hardware - Premise recording requires installation and configuration of expensive servers to store your recordings. Cloud recording avoids all this and only requires a login to the cloud hosting provider, where your recordings are stored.
  3. Enhanced security protection from the cloud hosting provider - Cloud hosting providers typically have substantial encryption and security protocols in place to protect your recordings while at rest and in transit.
  4. Scalable storage without physical server capacity restrictions - Cloud providers have massive infrastructures with unlimited storage capacity which they can increase on demand to accommodate your growing base of recordings.
  5. Get up and running recording calls must faster - Without the need to install, configure and integrate storage servers into your call center environment, you can begin recording calls the very same day with cloud recording.
  6. No system interoperability issues with other software or hardware - Integration of new hardware and software into your existing operating environment can take time and cause downtime. Not with cloud recording, however. There is nothing to integrate.
  7. Increased uptime - Cloud hosting providers have tremendous redundancies built into their vast infrastructures, ensuring your recordings are always accessible. 
  8. Geo-Redundancy - You can achieve georedundancy by leveraging multiple local or internal regions and virtual private clouds.
  9. Regularly scheduled software updates - Cloud recording offerings push system updates right to you without manual server upgrades on-premise. This way your recording platform always has the latest and greatest updates and capabilities.
  10. Ease of integration with 3rd party analytics - Cloud recording enables businesses to easily send their recordings to 3rd party speech analytics providers without expensive and timely integrations.

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