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Posted by Omar Ramsaran on Feb 24, 2021 10:56:58 AM

OrecX Customers,

We wanted to create a mechanism to share with you certain product support materials, insights and information from time to time to help you realize the greatest value from OrecX's software.

Our traditional Blog offers more general articles about our industry and key trends. Therefore, we have created a new Support Blog to communicate product-based content directly to you.

This blog will share the following types of materials:

  • Technical support documentation
  • Implementation and support guidance
  • Features and benefits overviews
  • Support staff introductions
  • Release notes
  • ...and more

We will be sharing each post with you via email, but if you would like instant notification every time we post something, please subscribe to this Support Blog over to the right.

If there are specific topics you would like for us to cover, please include a comment on this or any future post.

Stay tuned for more content.

Thank you for your support!!

Omar Ramsaran, VP of Product Support

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