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Oreka TR 2.87 Administrator Manual

Posted by Omar Ramsaran on Feb 24, 2021 10:57:30 AM

Our continually updated Oreka TR Administrator Manual offers a wealth of information about our flagship Oreka TR total call recording software including technical details about:Admin manual thumbnail 2

  • Architecture - OrkAudio, OrkTrack, OrkWeb, OrkRfb and a range of CTI connectors
  • Prerequisites - server specs, operating system, database, active recording methods, passive recording methods, audio recording files and screen recording files
  • OrkAudio - technical installation, server configuration, files location, audio encodings and formats, configuration, migration, load balancing, etc.
  • OrkWeb - installation, files location, accessing OrkWeb, recordings, tags, managing users, managing groups, programs, media servers, live monitoring, etc.
  • API - REST API and Legacy API
  • FAQs - manual install, backup, configuration, etc.
  • Glossary - GSM 6.10 Codec, mcf file, primary pathname, secondary pathname and wildcard character

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