Merits of Unlocking your Contact Center

Posted by Kevin Levi on Jan 16, 2018 3:12:37 PM

Utilizing open source technology into your contact center brings added control, cost reduction, speed and flexibility (among other advantages) over proprietary solutions. In essence, open source technology unlocks your contact center and gives you the latitude to control your own destiny, so to speak. unlock.jpg

  • Control: You are in control of the design, deployment and future development of the software. "You also have full visibility into the code base, as well as all discussions about how the community develops features and addresses bugs." (opensource.com
  • Cost: It costs far less to acquire, operate and develop enhancements.
  • Speed: Without the need to crack proprietary code or develop complicated APIs, the speed with which you can customize, test, deploy, and support the software is dramatically improved. "Because open source solutions are openly available and can be explored for free, it's often much faster to investigate options and get solutions off the ground." (opensource.com
  • Flexibility: You can utilize virtually any CRM system, databases, PBX switch, speech analytics, IVR analytics, workforce management, surveys and more. Open source is also operating system, hardware and database agnostic.
  • Security - "Open source software's code is often more secure because it is much more thoroughly reviewed and vetted by the community (and any issues that do arise tend to be patched more diligently." (opensource.com
  • Reliability - "Because there are more eyes on it, the reliability of open source code tends to be superior as well. With a worldwide community supporting a code base—rather than one team within one company—code is developed on online forums and guided by experts." (opensource.com

“When businesses turn to open source software, they free themselves from the severe vendor lock-in that can afflict users of proprietary packages. Customers of such vendors are at the mercy of the vendor's vision, requirements, dictates, prices, priorities and timetable, and that limits what they can do with the products they're paying for” (PCWorld).

Unlocking your contact center with open source, standards-based call recording software brings additional, very specific advantages. Here is a list of key features and benefits:

  • Open data model – ancillary features and processes along with enhanced meta data for pre and post call processing. This helps you generate the most value from your recordings with the richest set of data points.
  • Open API – the software can be controlled by third party applications. This extends the capabilities of the system by having the recorder serve as an engine for data aggregation and analysis.
  • Open file formats – customizable formats to match desired use case(s); data portability within and without the framework of the customer data management system(s); leverage third party applications in WFO and Speech Analytics for ‘best in class’ for customer requirement. The open nature of exported data makes it possible to share recordings with business users and others outside of the contact center.
  • Open web interface – support for all browsers, including mobile platforms, and internationalization. You can access your recordings from virtually any smart device, anywhere in the world. 
  • Modular components – removes complexity and costs associated with bundled applications. You are not saddled with (or having to pay for) capabilities you will never use.

Downloaded for free, the Oreka GPL basic call recording solution from OrecX is the only free voice recording software on the planet that can be downloaded in just 30 minutes and requires no maintenance.

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