Mono Recordings Lead to Flawed or Incomplete Analytics

Posted by Kevin Levi on May 6, 2022 10:45:24 AM

Call recorders serve many functions, and one of their most valuable is the ability to feed recorded audio to transcription and conversational analytics engines to distill customer insights that move the needle on performance and revenue. These engines holey rely on the recorded audio file from the customer conversation to operate. With jumbled audio or two individuals speaking over one another, the resulting analytics will be flawed, at best. speech to text rates

The chart above shows that for every 1,000 words of transcribed text, you could have at least 180 incorrectly transcribed words without the phonetic clarity of high fidelity, dual channel recording.

The deficiency of most recorders/analytics solutions today is the quality of that recorded audio and its portability from the recorder to the transcription/analytics engine. Many combined solutions rely on less-than-crystal-clear audio to transcribe calls and identify phonetic patterns. In fact, the use of a dual-channel/stereo recording solution (versus single channel mono) can improve transcription accuracy 15%-40%. Unfortunately, about 90% of call recorders use mono audio capture. Do you know if your recorder has stereo or mono? You should check.

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