Importance of Sharing Voice Data with other Data Sources

Posted by Kevin Levi on Apr 22, 2021 12:01:26 PM


According to techtarget.com, “Data gravity is the ability of a body of data to attract applications, services and other data.”

In the world of contact center voice interactions, captured voice data has greater value when it can be shared in real time with transcription and speech analytics applications and then combined with ACD, IVR and CRM data.

If your audio capture solution is closed and proprietary, it can affect the velocity at which you can access, share and activate your data to uncover upsell/cross-sell opportunities, identify at-risk customers, pinpoint agent performance deficiencies and so on. 

Monitor, Manage & Control

With OrecX, you have full, unrestricted access to your recordings post-call and can easily share them with any speech analytics, voice biometrics, customer experience, AI or business intelligence solution to maximize the value of your customer conversations.


Oreka AC (Audio Capture) supports:

  • Remote site recording
  • Active recording (SIPREC, BIB, DMCC)
  • Cloud recording
  • Mobile recording (VoIP softphone technology, conferencing the recording system as a PSTN number, and mobile-ready infrastructure)

With Oreka AC, you can leverage any 3rd party speech analytics solution, easily and openly collect non-audio data from CRM, ACD or agent desktop apps via REST API, and gain media/metadata access and system control.

Audio Capture vs. Call Recording Infographic

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