How Customers Use Call Recording

Posted by Kevin Levi on Jul 26, 2017 2:54:06 PM

Your customers, just like many of your staff, can benefit from you recording calls with a call recorderHere's a scenario to explain how.

Scenario: Customer named Jeremy 

Motivation: Wants to have a pleasant phone experience and likes the idea of having the call recorded so he can ask the company to pull up his past call to verify what was said – if necessary.

Scenario: Jeremy calls his cable company about the high cost of his monthly bill. It is about $22 higher than usual. The agent quickly realizes the heightened cost is due to Jeremy’s recent approval of adding Showtime to his account. The agent claims the records show that on a date 32 days earlier, Jeremy agreed to add the premium channel while on the phone with a representative of the cable company who called to sell him on it. He asked for that call to be accessed and listened to. It was, and it was determined he in fact declined the service. His account was credited in full.

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Call recording is not only a means of protecting your organization, but it can also be promoted to your client base as a means of protecting them from any unfortunate mishap or misunderstanding.

Most organizations merely state at the beginning of customer calls that "this call may be recorded", and they do so for compliance purposes. But why not promote your call recorder practices on your website to show your customers how much you are about them?

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