Growing Prominence of the SIPREC Call Recording Standard

Posted by Craig McCue on Jul 30, 2018 12:11:25 PM

Companies record calls for a several reasons – Regulatory Compliance, Improve Agent Performance, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Dispute Resolution. The growing number of use cases for call recording has companies expanding their use to more and more departments, and in some cases, throughout their entire organization. With this expansion, companies are looking for a more efficient, scalable and cost-effective way to record calls - SIPREC is the answer. 

Session Initiation Protocol Recording, (SIPREC) was created by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) as a framework for session border controller (SBC) and call recording vendors to use when establishing an active recording session and reporting the metadata of that session.

According to IETF:

The Session Recording Protocol (SIPREC) working group was chartered to define a SIP-based protocol for controlling a session (media) recorder.

Session recording is a critical requirement in many business communications environments such as call centers and financial trading floors. In some of these environments, all calls must be recorded for regulatory and compliance reasons. In others, calls may be recorded for quality control, business analytics, or consumer protection. Recording is typically done by sending a copy of the media to the recording devices. The working group determined requirements and produced a specification for a protocol that manages delivery of media from an end-point that originates media, or that has access to it, to a recording device. This standard protocol – SIPREC – reduces the complexity and cost of providing such recording services. 

There are two key components of SIPREC interactions:

1. Session Recording Client (SRC) – the SBC or PBX
  • Avaya, Cisco, Broadsoft, Metaswitch, Ribbon/Genband, Oracle, Sonus are some of the telephony platforms that support SIPREC.

2. Session Recording Server (SRS) – a call recording platform

  • OrecX is the most widely used SIPREC call recorder.

SIPREC interacts between the SRC & SRS. The SRC establishes the recording session with the SRS and passes the media streams and the metadata to the SRS. SIPREC has several deployment models (Enterprise, Service Provider, Cloud - all supported by OrecX). The basic SIPREC call flow is seen in the diagram below:

SIPREC call flow







Benefits of SIPREC:

  • Highly efficient (configure only the traffic you need to record, not the entire VLAN)
  • Extremely scalable (thousands of concurrent calls on a single server)
  • Auto-provisioning of users (much easier to administrate)
  • Lower cost of ownership

OrecX has deployed SIPREC to over 300 clients, with some exceeding 100,000 recordable users.

Contact OrecX today if you are considering SIPREC or want more information on SIPREC.

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