Featuring Recorded Calls on Your Website

Posted by Kevin Levi on Jun 9, 2016 11:26:29 AM

Company websites have evolved into a powerful, persuasive tool. Not only do they provide current customers with critical information, but they also are frequently the portal through which new customers learn about your enterprise. Take a look at your current website: You might have snazzy graphics, crisp copy, and user-friendly navigation. But are you doing all that you can to both promote your enterprise and capture the very best attributes of your organization?

For companies that want to take their websites to the next level, consider using recorded calls as a unique and innovative feature that will help you stand apart from your competition. Because the truth is, no one can sell your products or services better than your existing customers. They’re the best source for testimonials, and when you use call recording software, you have those testimonials captured perfectly and for all time, just waiting to be used for purposes like this.Icon-Recording-01.png

There are various ways that you can feature recorded calls on your website. Here are a few suggestions:

  • When people visit your website, allow them to click on a link titled “Hear from our customers.” That link will then play a 30-45 second audio segment where the listener can hear the actual voice of a customer.
  • Feature an audio montage on your home page. Here, you can take snippets from recorded customer calls and have them as running commentary that folks will hear when visiting your site.
  • You can even create different montages to highlight various things your company is doing well. You can craft a montage that focuses on great customer service calls, one for great product/service calls, and one in which callers talk about how much better your product/service stands up to the competition, for example. You can rotate these montages on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis.
  • If featuring actual recorded calls seems too daunting, you can also transcribe select snippets from recorded calls and have a streaming marquee on your home page with written customer quotes. Again, you can rotate this marquee on a regular basis.

How do you select which interactions or snippets from calls to feature? Consider calls where your customers:

  • Express delight about the customer service they’ve just received
  • Provide a comment about how well they like your product/service
  • Remark specifically about what your product/service enabled them to do or the benefits it provided
  • Commented about how your product/service is superior to your competitors’.

With a little extra time and effort, you can take calls captured through call recording software and use them to boost the marketing effectiveness of your website and impress your customers, both current and potential.

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