Which is Better - Live Monitoring or Selective Recording?

Posted by Kevin Levi on Jan 2, 2015 10:38:00 AM

To answer this question about live monitoring versus selective call recording, we asked professionals spanning 30+ LinkedIn groups and various industries.  These are a few of the responses we received:

"All calls should be recorded. When an unsatisfied customer is identified, monitored calls show exactly what happened during the call. Live and recorded call monitoring should be used to gauge your agent’s soft skills, their technical competency, and professionalism. Both are great coaching and training tools." (Tom A., Tech Support Center Manager)

"I believe they both have a place. As Tom suggests, recordings are productive especially if you are reviewing outbound calls where the connect rate with a customer is much more variable than in an inbound center. I like listening to live calls to take the pulse of the floor of what's happening in the moment and, to check in with my reps to see if after a coaching session they are making progress implementing ideas that we discussed or if they could use some additional support or guidance." (Jane F, Managing Partner at IT consulting/training firm)

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"I use both methods. I do believe live monitoring can be a better aid for a coach as the teammate is in the moment. With recorded calls a team mate might not get full affect from coaching for things he should improve on. Live listening is super for giving real time positive feedback!!!" (Brenda Y., Customer Experience Lead at large, global online auction site)

"Both are important. Side by side monitoring permits real time feedback and a review of methods used entering/processing information." (Don F., Call Center Executive, education company)


Read all 25 responses!  (on quality monitoring too)  



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