Audio Capture Powers Automated QA & Real-Time Agent Guidance

Posted by Kevin Levi on Jan 27, 2022 11:14:50 AM

Contact centers and enterprises can interact and collaborate with recorded audio and associated meta data in a host of ways through real-time audio capture. 

Some of those ways include:

  • Automated QA - Organizations can now capture and automatically analyze (with the addition of AI and speech analytics) all their agent calls rather than a mere sampling, without adding more supervisors and quality evaluators. Almost instantly, contact centers can now glean the quality assurance insights they need from every customer interaction rather than a mere 5% sampling. Samplings only provide surface-level insights based on educated extrapolations of a small call set. Recording 100% of interactions provides deeper, more telling and accurately representative QA insights the organization can use to improve customer service, enhance workflows and increase sales conversion.Untitled Design (86)-2
  • Real-Time Agent Guidance - Audio streaming software can feed recorded audio data right to a speech analytics engine which can tag and analyze the data to add meaning and structure. With this structured data, the solution can provide real-time automated agent guidance to support the interaction as it unfolds. 
  • Real-Time Risk Management - Streaming audio can be shared instantly with AI and speech analytics systems to anticipate potential disputes before they occur. Supervisors can then intervene live to stave off any issues. Likewise, the system can automatically provide script guidance to the agent to further mitigate potential problems.  

"We've seen some interesting use cases," said Steve Kaiser, GM of the OrecX business at CallMiner, "where customers collaborate on the audio data by sharing it and passing it back and forth between various systems to augment and add value to it. It's like wow! The light bulb goes off for these individual companies, and they realize they can do things they never imagined they could do before."



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