10 Questions to Ask Before Buying/Upgrading a Call Recorder

Posted by Kevin B. Levi on Nov 29, 2018 11:26:08 AM

Not all call recording systems are created equal. How can you separate the real vendors from the mere pretenders when purchasing or upgrading a call recording or quality monitoring solution? You need to know what questions to ask.10Questions

Here are 10 top questions to consider:

  1. Is the product mainly a small business solution or really intended for large enterprise?
  2. Am I going to pay for features really designed for a different size organization?
  3. Is the solution designed to address my specific industry and regulatory requirements?
  4. Does the product offer capabilities to help me maintain HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, MiFID II, TCPA, etc. compliance?
  5. Which of the following features (e.g.) are important to me?
    • Voice recording
    • Screen recording
    • Quality monitoring
    • Call evaluations
    • Customized reporting
    • Live monitoring
    • Mobile-phone recording
    • Speech analytics
    • Multi-site recording
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Call tagging
    • Audit trail
    • Multi-criteria searching
    • Selective recording
    • Call exporting
    • Custom coaching agreements
    • Report filtering
  6. Am I considering the needs of all my constituents? Managers? Business users? Technical staff?
  7. How long will you have to wait for the implementation to get started? How long does implementation take?
  8. How difficult is it to integrate the solution into your existing environment (PBX, CRM, etc.)?
  9. What are the costs for implementation, training and support?
  10. For speech analytics, do you own your interaction data, and can you share it with third parties for speech analytics, business intelligence and data visualization platforms to create a richer data set?


35 Call Recording Questions (infographic)



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