13 Call Recording Reports You Should Be Generating

Posted by Kevin B. Levi on Jan 4, 2019 11:30:19 AM

It's a new year and that means new opportunities! Put your call recording system to work for you. Here is a list of potential call recording reports to consider generating in your contact center to garner the customer intelligence you need. To take advantage of some of these report ideas, you need to integrate (easily with an open API) a third-party speech analytics solution with your call recorder. Together, you can uncover much more specific business insight. Report_Image

Focus of Call Recording Reports:

[Does not require speech analytics...]

  1. Calls resulting in an up-sell (use these as best-practice calls)
  2. Calls resulting in cancellation (identify root cause)
  3. Calls in which a credit card number was taken (ensure proper compliance)
  4. Repeat calls from the same customer in a given time frame (was their issue not correctly resolved?; ensure customer satisfaction)
  5. Calls with more than 2 transfers (are the agents not properly trained?)
  6. Calls lasting more than 10 minutes (is the agent having issues addressing the caller's needs? Is there a need for retraining?)

[Requires speech analytics...]

  1. Calls in which "not happy", "unhappy" or "ridiculous" was spoken by the caller (immediately identify at-risk customers)
  2. Calls in which "competitor" or the names of competitors was/were spoken by a caller (uncover competitive intelligence you can share with sales and marketing teams)
  3. Calls in which a specific promotion was mentioned by the caller (garner feedback to share with sales and marketing teams to assess promotion performance/success)
  4. Calls in which "never said", "never authorized" or "not true" were mentioned by the caller (identify calls in which a potential dispute could arise)
  5. Calls in which "privacy" or "private" was mentioned by the caller (identify data privacy concerns from customers to enrich your privacy policy)
  6. Calls in which the agent or caller's voice exceeded a set voice-pitch threshold (identify at-risk customers)
  7. Calls in which "don't understand", "do not understand" or "I'm confused" was mentioned more than once (identify agents in need of more training)
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